Strategi Mengerjakan Toefl Listening

Listening Toefl Test Working Tips

Toefl test  consists of three parts, among others: Toefl Listening Comprehension Test, consisting of 50 questions Toefl Structure and Written Test, consisting of 40 questions Toefl Reading Comprehension Test, consisting of 50 questions Here I will give you tips on how to game the Toefl listening tests. Listening Comprehension Test consists of 50 questions, divided into three sections namely section A = 30 questions, about the section B = 8 and C = 12 questions section.  Listening section A  in the form of dialogue or conversation between two people (asking first person and the second person to answer . Narrator will make inquiries based on conversations between the first and second. Narrator and all questions only intended to answer the second. MeansYou should focus more on the second answer .
The first question: do you have to listen to all conversations from the first and the second? The answer may be – could have, but who  more importantly you should be able to catch the second person answers . Question two: Do you need to listen to all that answered the second sentence?The answer may be – can only. But more importantly you should be able to  catch one of your keywordsthe  answer to the second. third question: what is the keyword? Keyword is meant here is a verb (verbs) and adjectives (adjective). Why adjectives and verbs used as keywords? Because you are looking for is a  OTHERWISE / synonyms  (words that have the same meaning) with the keywords on the answer to -2. Example in conversation:


Speaker 1 (man): I need a motorcycle to ride to Makassar, and I do not have one.

Speaker 2 (woman): Why not rent one?

Narrator: What does the woman suggest?

Choice answers

(A) Getting a red motorcycle

(B) Renting an apartment in Makassar

(C) Not riding to Makassar

(D) Renting a motorcycle for the trip

Problem Definition and Explanation

In the above example problems, Speaker 1 said: “I need a motorcycle, I do not have any motorcycle.”

Speaker 2 then responds by saying: “Why do not you rent it?”

Narrator then mentioned questions related conversation between Speaker 1 and Speaker 2. The question is: “What is suggested or recommended by the woman (in this case, refers to the woman Speaker 2).


The most reasonable answer from the four options above answer is option D. Renting a motorcycle for the trip.


Based on the above matter, Speaker 2 suggest to hire (rent). Option D is the most appropriate choice for the above conversation to talk about the obstacles faced by the first Speaker who wanted to take a trip to Makassar, but he did not have a vehicle. It is based on the information given by the Speaker 1.


Focus your attention on the second speaker or speakers 2. In general, information about the response of the implied question on what was mentioned by the second speaker (Speaker 2). As in the example above: Narrator: What does the woman mean?

Always remember that the (very likely) the correct answer is a re-statement of the keyword. As in the example above, the key word is Rent (as mentioned by Speaker 2). Answer true also contain keywords ing Rent a motorcycle for the trip.

It is important to remember that the Listening Comprehension Part A, always spinning on the topic:





Conclusions about who and where

expressions of agreement

The whole question is based on the level of matter. Usually, the problems at an early stage have an easy difficulty level. More and more difficult (because of high levels). Problem number 1 -5 is about the easiest, and about 26-30 a matter which requires accurate analysis (difficult).

Remember, pay close attention to a matter which was read, search keyword or subject / problem, and select the most correct answer. If you are in doubt, choose the answer you think is most reasonable. Do not get no answer because hesitation.

Although you do not understand what was being said on the whole, you still can find the correct answer.

If you only know a few words or main idea of the second row (what is mentioned by Speaker 2), choose the answer that contains a restatement of the main idea.

If you do not understand at all the conversation (conversation), still listen to, and then choose the answer which read / penyebutannya most different to what you’re listening to the conversation.

Never choose an answer based on reason “because it sounded exactly with what was mentioned by the speaker (speakers).

The next discussion will be stressed on the discussion of the Skill-a skill that needs to be mastered to achieve graduation in session TOEFL Listening Comprehension. Among them are:





Who and Where

Sumber :


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