Explanation About TOEFL, TOEFL and Materials Costs TOEFL Test

TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language (Test of English as a foreign language), which is organized by an institute in the United States called ETS(Educational Testing Service).
TOEFL is a standardized English language skills in writing a person which includes three aspects, namely:
• Listening
• Writing
• Reading
At first, the TOEFL is required for students in countries whose primary language is not English, but want to continue their studies to the countries official language is English, such as the United States, Canada, and Western European countries.This is necessary to ensure that students from the state of non-English speaking can attend a course in English-speaking countries as well. Among other things:
• Ensure that the student understands description given lecturer in English (listening skills).
• Students understand the books that are required textbook (reading skills).
• Students are able to make scientific writing with correct grammar (writing & grammar skills).

To be accepted in western countries, prospective students must have a minimum TOEFLscore of 500 (Europe), even in the United States, TOEFL score required is 550. (Maximum value TOEFL Paper Based Test is 677).For Toefl Test Following this, you need some material toefl as follows:

1. Reading
Reading is a collection of stories that have themes. This session usually consists of 50 questions with a time of 55 minutes to answer. Common strategy in working on the reading.
• Do not be too long reading about We actually do not have to really understand the way the story is about to be able to answer questionsTOEFL test.
• Do not panic when it does not know the topic of the story to the information already available to respond in the story. Not necessary background knowledge to answer every story.
• Never use a long time in analyzing the answers. If unsure, guess or go back to the question after all the questions have been completed.
2. Listening Comprehension
Listening Comprehension is the first part of the TOEFL test material.
This section consists of 50 questions in the answer sheet only available answer choices for each question.
The listening section consists of 3 types of conversations are listening to:
• Short conversation, long conversations, and a long story.
• Short conversation: usually consists of 2 lines and dialogue between the two speakers. There are 30 questions with 30 answers for this kind of conversation about this.
• Long conversation: consists of several conversations between two people who will be used to answer questions. Number of questions for each conversation about 4 questions.
Important tips:
If you have time, look at the answers provided before the conversation begins.
• Long story: In this section, you will hear someone tell you about some of the problems be it on campus or everyday life.
3. Structure and Written Expression
Type of question is a structure with multiple-choice questions which required knowledge of grammar. With Grammar you would think this is hard to understand but take it by following the tips below, you will easily work on such questions.
Some tips:
• Learn sentence: To analyze what kind of response is needed to complete the sentence.
• Learn every answer in complete sentences: Discard the answer that you think is incorrect in complete sentences.
• When analyzing the answers, do not throw out the wrong answer without a match with the sentence: Wrong answer is generally correct sentence by itself. Wrong answer in general would be wrong to be used in completing a sentence.
Written Expression is a matter that requires your knowledge of words contained in the matter. The general procedure work questions the form of written expression is seen underlined word (choose directly which we think is the wrong word), If you can not choose, then read a complete sentence in the matter.

Along with the times, even countries whose native language is not English, such as Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. requires a certain TOEFL score for prospective students, both of which come from within the country, especially if it comes from overseas. In Indonesia, TOEFL even be used also for:
• Requirements for acceptance of new employees in government agencies, private companies and governments.
• Admission requirement for S2 and S3.
• Terms of the scholarship application, both from public and private.
TOEFL itself has several times experienced improvement by the provider agency, ets. TOEFL Test forms ever introduced to the public are:
1. TOEFL Paper Based Test Consists of 3 sections: Listening, Structure, Reading Maximum Score: 677 2.TOEFL
2. Computer Based Test consists of 4 Section: Listening, Structure, Reading, Writing Maximum Score: 300 3.
3. TOEFL Internet Based Test consists of four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Maximum score: 120.
Although officially, since the TOEFL Internet Based Test introduced worldwide, then this type may not apply anymore, but the fact until recently, the TOEFL Paper Based Test is still used widely in a variety of higher education institutions as well as for the recruitment of employees in Indonesia, or in the state- non-English speaking countries.

Examples of the TOEFL test structure grammar:
From the marked areas A, B, C and D, identify the one that is wrong, correct it.
1. (A) Their most favorite hotels is the Hotel Regent. (B) It is near the beach and (C) is a very cozy hotel. It is (D) not too expensive, too.
2. I like (A) these kind (B) of hotels too. I do not (C) go for the big, noisy and (D) expensive sort.
3. The Amelia Hotel (A) is good as the Radan Hotel, (B) in fact. Actually, I (C) would rather go to the Amelia. (D) It’s closer to the town.
4. (A) He prefers the (B) Because Hotel Radan (C) he feels the service (D) is more better.
5. The Weather Bureau (A) is Announced that the rain (B) will continue for (C) another 36 hours. People (D) are advised to stay indoors.
6. Visibility (A) on the roads (B) are very poor. Thus, drivers are advised (C) to be careful, especially when (D) driving at night.
7. She was (A) kind enough (B) to give me (C) a lot of advices (D) about how to pass the driving test.
8. (A) I told him, “(B) I have not (C) been told (D) these news”
9. (A) The man was hung as punishment (B) for murdering (C) his five children (D) and his wife.
10. (A) I made him (B) to confess that (C) he copied your answer (D) during the test.
Answers 1. A 2. A 3. A 4. D 5. A 6. B 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. B
Error identification – Extra practice exercises. Decide roomates part of the sentence is grammatically incorrect. Then look at the answers below.
I enjoyed study geography at school and now I’ve enrolled at the Economics Faculty.
I used to be keen of all scientific subjects, but now I would prefer to study art.
I want meet your sister when she comes to see you – she sounds very nice.
My friends tell the English exam is quite difficult but I’m not worried.
The tickets, roomates are extremely good value, can be buy from large supermarkets.
The number of people roomates asked for the discount was low but grew during the summer period.
He always wanted to be a doctor and after doing medicine he now works in a hospital.
The informations they gave us was not very helpful so I consulted the website instead.
There is not many time, do you think we should get a taxi to the exhibition center?
He graduated in languages in June and is now thinking of do a second degree in psychology.
The policeman Showed us an identikit picture of the man who steals the car.
How long does it take to get the station on foot from your house
I was so angry that I took the broken watch to the jewelers to get my money back.
He rang me this morning for tell me that he had passed his driving test.
I will not be Able to go on holiday this year unless I will get a part-time job.
It was so nice that day They decided to have a picnic in the field.
I have not never seen anybody who rides a horse so well before.
My boyfriend always takes me to see horror films, but I do not like very much.
We went to Guatemala last year so we were tired of the usual beach holiday.
I’ve gone to Marbella. I remember it well. A busy town with a nice modern promenade and picturesque ‘Piazze’.
ANSWERS WITH Explanations
I enjoyed studying (‘enjoy’ + ing)
keen on (keen + on = essere appassionato in)
want to (‘want’ + to + verb)
tell me (‘tell’ + person (me / you / him / her etc); nb. ‘say’non è seguito dalla persona)
can be bought (to be + past participle = passive)
who (relative pronoun ‘who’ = people)
always wanted (frequency adverb goes before the main verb)
the informations (information = uncountable noun)
much time (‘much’ with uncountable nouns, ‘many’ with countable nouns)
doing (‘ing’after a preposition)
stole (past tense of steal = steal stole stolen)
get to (preposition Necessary; get to / go to / come to the station, BUT. arrive at / reach the station)
broken watch (adjective before noun)
to tell me (to + base form = per / a scopo in)
unless I will get (1 ° conditional = if / unless / when + present)
such a (such a + noun; so + adjective)
I have not never (double negative)
l do not like them (‘like’ + direct object)
as (as = siccome; quindi so =)
I’ve been to Madrid (use ‘been’ not ‘gone’ se sei stato e tornato)

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